I’m Shelby Huff and I’m a writer and editor focusing on outdoor, environmental and natural health topics.

I spent my 20s following bears around the American West. I worked as a park ranger, bear guide and wildlife guide in the summers. Over the course of six years, I spent nearly every day between spring and fall telling stories about wild animals in a compelling way to CEOs, prominent Hollywood figures, businessmen from New York, and many other individuals who had set out to see the West. Every day was different. No day was dull. There was always a story to tell at the end of the day, and usually before breakfast too. The West made it easy to find a quotable character to shape a story around.

I entertained myself in the off-seasons by learning Spanish in Argentina, living on a boat in the Caribbean, biking Tasmania and New Zealand and exploring more of the deep pockets of the West with my truck as a home base. While collecting these experiences and stories, I also worked as a copy editor, features reporter and content writer.

Now, I am back home in my native Pacific Northwest helping others share their stories in a captivating way. I’d love to help you tell yours.

I write stories about individuals who are playing an important role in conservation and act as a voice for the species who cannot speak for themselves. As a naturalist, I’m a big believer in living in tune with our environments, and also work on natural health projects, be it articles on women’s health, mental health and green living, or copywriting for alternative health business websites. The writer (as well as the dirtbag) in me will always be drawn to unconventional characters. If you know someone living life by their own rules, I’d love to write about them too.

You can head over to my blog to read more of my stories, or to my “Now” section to learn more about my current book project.

Interested in working together? Learn more here.

CONTACT: shelbyelisehuff@gmail.com

“There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other, and the relation of people to land.” -Aldo Leopold
Wherefore Wildlife Ecology (unpublished manuscripts), in His Life and Work.

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  1. Enjoyed your article on surviving a grizzly attack in Adventure Journal. I’ve encountered bears, mostly black bears, many times over the years, including several years when I was working as a wildlife biologist under contract with the blm and forest service. I have never had a problem with bears and I like to think it’s because I respect them and their territory. My bear spray remains by my side but fortunately unused so far.


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