I’m Shelby Huff and I’m a wildlife guide turned writer and editor.

Each job I’ve held has centered around stories. As a former park ranger and wildlife guide, I taught people with vastly different backgrounds, which sharpened my ability to craft a story in a way that appealed to a diverse audience. Whether tracking animals or grammatical errors, my love for the biological process easily translated over to the creative. I enjoy the challenge of navigating the unknown, delighted by the surprise a corner in the woods or the end of a page can bring.

I hold a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington and specialize in memoir, nature, travel, health, and science topics. Though, it took tracking bears in six states, and sailing and bikepacking through eight countries before I recognized that the lure of a good story was what propelled me. With experience as a copy editor and features reporter for award-winning newspapers, and copywriting for adventure travel companies and tourism boards across the country, I have a decades worth of experience shaping stories.

Now, I am back home in my native Pacific Northwest helping others introduce readers to new worlds in the most captivating way possible. Have a story? I’d love to help you tell yours.

Interested in working together? Learn more here.

CONTACT: shelbyelisehuff@gmail.com

“There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other, and the relation of people to land.”
-Aldo Leopold
Wherefore Wildlife Ecology (unpublished manuscripts), in His Life and Work.

One thought on “About

  1. Enjoyed your article on surviving a grizzly attack in Adventure Journal. I’ve encountered bears, mostly black bears, many times over the years, including several years when I was working as a wildlife biologist under contract with the blm and forest service. I have never had a problem with bears and I like to think it’s because I respect them and their territory. My bear spray remains by my side but fortunately unused so far.


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